Section 8.12

Establishing a Chapter Partnership

Purpose:  To allow individual members in an area without a chapter, and sections and chapters needing guidance for success, the opportunity to partner with an existing thriving chapter.

Objective:  To connect individual members of ASSE located in areas without a chapter or section to a thriving chapter, and to develop partnerships between US chapters, international chapters/society sections and thriving chapters for the provision of guidance to those burgeoning sections and chapters. The leadership guidance and support of these collaborative partnerships will allow the members, sections and chapters involved to thrive and succeed.  

Process for identifying a Partner Chapter:

  • The section or chapter needing guidance and support from a partnership will contact the Chapter Services staff of the Member/Region Affairs Department of ASSE to express their interest in forming partnership.

  • In conjunction with the Regional Vice President (RVP) or Area Director, that represents the geographic territory of the section or chapter involved, will the select the Chapter that offers the best match to the inquiring section or chapter.

  •  Criteria for selection will be:
    • Proximity of the inquiring section or chapter to the senior Chapter
    • Common industry or other interests
    • Resources of the senior chapter and the existence of members who may have company connections/travel in the geographic territory of the inquiring section or chapter.
    • Stars Status of the mentoring Chapter
    • Status with compliance of the requirements in SOG 8.10 “Maintenance of Chapter Charter.”

Partnership Chapter Requirements:

  • The Senior Chapter’s Executive Committee must agree to partner with the inquiring section or chapter before a Chapter Partnership is established.
  • Once a match is identified, the Senior Chapter must make contact with the inquiring section or chapter within 30 days and provide a written report to Chapter Services staff and to their RVP/Area Director once contact has been made. The report will include, but not be limited to, the goals of the partnership and a strategy to achieve the goals for the partnership.
  • The chapters/sections within the partnership shall assign a member to be their Partnership Liaison. The Chapters and Sections will report the name and email information for its Partnership Liaison to Chapter Services staff and the RVP/Area Director.
  • The partnering chapters/sections shall freely exchange operational documents and information for the betterment of member services in each chapter.
  • The chapters/sections are not expected to financially support one another or support travel to one another.

Partnerships can be dissolved once the goals of the Partnership are met or at the discretion of any of the parties involved in the Partnership.  Chapters may be reassigned for any reason through Chapter Services staff.


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