Section 7.2

Award for Innovation in Safety Management


The award for innovation in occupational safety management is established to recognize the efforts of individuals who bring innovation and creativity to managing safety in the workplace. This award will be presented annually to the individual selected from applicants submitted in accordance with the instructions and criteria specified below. 


The award will consist of a plaque and cash prize.  If sponsored, the sponsor will be recognized in the promotion of the award, on the award plaque and at the presentation ceremony.  The presentation will be made at the Society annual conference. The title of the award will be:  “The Award for Innovation in Occupational Safety Management.”


Oversight for the award will be with the Congress of Councils (COC).  Staff liaison for the administration of the award is as assigned by the Executive Director. The COC is responsible for the following:

  • Approval of criteria for the selection of award recipients.
  • Appointment from the ASSE membership of judges to evaluate the applications for the award.
  • Review and approval of the recommended winner nominated by the judges.  The nominated winner need not be approved.


Those eligible for the award include members and non-members of the Society.  The following are not eligible for the award:

  • Members of the Society Board of Directors, members of the Congress of Councils, Society Staff.
  • Anyone involved with the selection process for the Award for Innovation.
  • If there is a sponsor, anyone who is currently employed or has been employed in the last five years from the date of application by the sponsor either full-time, part-time or as a vendor.
  • Previous recipients of the award who have received the award in the last three years.


  • A call for applications will be issued that will announce the award including the purpose, eligibility, submission deadline, selection criteria, judging rules and amount of the award.  The call for applications will include the following:
    • Application Form
    • Specifications for the any additional materials
  • Each applicant is responsible for submitting a complete and accurate submission package and must attest to the accuracy of its contents.
  • Applications received which are considered by the judges as having considerable merit but which are not the winning application, may be recognized as a “Honorable  Mention” with approval of the COC.


The judging panel will consider the following criteria, which shall be weighted as approved by the COC:

  • The Range of application of the innovation in managing safety, including:
    • multiple programs
    • multiple work sites
    • breadth of applicability
    • degree of implementation
  • Management benefits.  These may include:
    • efficiency improvements (e.g., time, cost)
    • solution to a safety management problem
    • improved decision making
  • Safety Benefit (s).  These may include:
    • safety program improvement
    • process improvement that affects the safety of an operation
    • direct reduction in accidents, injuries or fatalities
    • elimination or reduction in hazards
    • elimination or reduction in exposures
    • indirect safety benefits (e.g., improving safety knowledge/skills or awareness of the workforce)


The judging process will be in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Each of the Council Chairs will nominate an individual to serve on the judging panel. The Chair of the COC will nominate the chair of the judging panel.  Judges serve for three years and may be reappointed. 
  • The panel will meet either by teleconference or in person to evaluate the applications. The staff liaison will organize the meeting and attend but will have no vote.   
  • Details of the panel deliberations will be kept confidential except as the panel includes that information in its report to the COC.


The award will be promoted through appropriate channels, including by a sponsor, if applicable.


The award will be presented at the annual Professional Development Conference.  If sponsored, a representative of the award sponsor will be invited to present the award.


The program will be reviewed annually by the COC and lessons learned from the previous year incorporated in the award process.  This SOG will be updated every three year or more often as warranted by the annual reviews.


 A copy of applications including the subject, applicants name and organization will be maintained on file for 3 years.  No record of the confidential deliberations of the panel or scores will be kept.

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