Section 6.61


I. Role of the Bylaws Committee

The Bylaws Committee has the responsibility for reviewing and preparing amendments and revisions of the Society Bylaws for approval of the Board of Directors and the House of Delegates. To ensure consistency with the Society Bylaws, the Bylaws Committee will also review revised and new Society Operating Guidelines (SOGs) to ensure consistency and the applicability for needed changes with other SOGs.

II. Appointing Authority

Members of the Bylaws Committee are appointed by the President-Elect, subject to approval of the Board of Directors.

III. Terms of Office

Bylaws Committee members may be appointed for a one, two or three-year term beginning July 1. Members appointed for a one or two-year term may be reappointed, but not to exceed three consecutive years on the Bylaws Committee.

IV. Number of Members on Committee

The Bylaws Committee will consist of four appointed members from different regions. A Past Board member will serve as Chair of the Committee.

V. Meetings/Conference Calls

The Bylaws Committee will meet by conference call, unless the number of proposed Bylaws and SOG changes are too numerous or wide ranging in their impact on other sections of the Bylaws to be considered by conference call.

VI. Minutes/Reports of Meetings

Minutes and/or reports will be prepared by the staff liaison for all conference calls and meetings, and distributed to the Committee for review and approval.

VII. Staff Liaison

The staff liaison to the committee is the Director, Member/Region Affairs. In addition to the normal staff liaison duties, he/she will:

  • Within the Society Bylaws amendment and approval requirements, process all amendments through the various stages for approval
  • Oversee production of the final copy of the Society Bylaws to include changes, and distribute to all staff, members of Board of Directors, councils, area directors, standing committees, chapter presidents, Practice Specialty administrators, delegates, and to members upon request.

Approved By/Date: Board of Directors 2/11
Replaces Edition Dated: 2/10
Next Revision Due: 02/14


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