Section 6.52



The Society's Code of Professional Conduct (hereinafter referred to "the Code") is the foundation for defining professionalism in matters involving the membership.


The primary mission of the Code is to: Foster a common vision for professional conduct for the members Act as the basis for determining when an individual member's conduct is outside acceptable limits Be the code for which a member affirms acceptance as a condition of membership


The American Society of Safety Engineers has an obligation to its membership and the profession to define the acceptable limits for professional conduct. It is upon this definition that the Society, through the Committee on Professional Conduct, has a basis for attempting to maintaining the highest qualities of professionalism among its membership.


The Code may be revised at any time. The primary unit responsible for recommending changes is the Committee on Professional Conduct. Recommendations from this committee are made to the Board of Directors, who must affirmatively act on such recommendations.


Membership in the American Society of Safety Engineers evokes a duty to serve and protect people, property and the environment. This duty is to be exercised with integrity, honor and dignity. Members are accountable for following the Code of Professional Conduct.

Serve the public, employees, employers, clients, the Society, and the profession with fidelity, honesty, and impartiality.

In professional relationships, treat others with respect, civility, and without discrimination.

Abstain from behavior that will unjustly cause harm to the reputation of the Society, its members, and the profession.

Continually improve professional knowledge, skills, competencies, and awareness of relevant new developments through training, education, networking, and work experiences.

Consider qualifications before undertaking any professional activity and perform only those services that may be handled competently.

Make informed decisions in the performance of professional duties that adhere to relevant laws, regulations, and recognized standards of practice.

Inform all appropriate parties when professional judgment indicates that there is an unacceptable level of risk of injury, illness, property damage, or environmental harm.

Maintain the confidentiality of information acquired through professional practice that is designated or generally recognized as non-public, confidential, or privileged.

Accurately represent professional qualifications including education, credentials, designations, affiliations, titles, and work experience.

Avoid situations that create actual, potential or perceived conflicts between personal and professional interests, and if a potential conflict of interest arises disclose applicable facts to potentially affected parties.

As a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers, I shall comply with these provisions of the "Code of Professional Conduct" and understand that failure to do so may result in censure up to and including membership termination as found by the Committee on Ethics.

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Approved By/Date: SOG Section: Board of Directors 10/11, Code: House of Delegates 06/12

Replaces Edition Dated: 6/02

Next Revision Due: 06/15


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