Section 6.2

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Decision Procedures for Invitation Acceptance


The benefit of accepting invitations extended to the Society Executive Committee (EC) is to strengthen our relationship with our membership, strengthen our relationship with other global safety, health, environmental organizations, and to strengthen our image as a global leader in the safety, health, and environmental protection profession. To ensure that our Society resources are applied in an effective manner all invitations will be evaluated to assess the benefits and costs to Society of accepting the invitation.


  • Staff will develop an annual projection of invitations based on history and currently received invitations
  • Invitations must be submitted in writing either via email or posted mail. The invitation must identify the date, location, who is invited, what will be expected of the EC member, who will be in attendance, and how many are expected to attend.
  • Additional information that should be requested includes: will registration fees be complimentary; will the cost of the travel, lodging, and/or meal be paid by the inviting entity in whole or in part?
  • The EC will review and evaluate each invitation prior to an answer being given to the inviting entity. The EC will use the decision trees contained in this document.
  • An analysis of the benefits and costs will be conducted by staff after each accepted event has been completed. This information will be used in future decision making.


Evaluation Tactics

  • Invitations to chapter meetings will be deferred to Regional Vice Presidents (RVP) unless the meeting event is deemed by the EC to be significant, such as chapter (50, 75, or 100 year) anniversary, new international chapter, etc.
  • Invitations to Chapter-sponsored Professional Development Conferences (PDC) will be considered if they are state-wide, such as the Oregon Governor’s Safety & Health Conference, the Hawaii Governor’s PAC RIM Conference, etc.
  • Invitations to Region-sponsored PDC will be considered based on size and location.
  • RVPs and other Society leaders who are geographical closer to the event will be considered when appropriate.
  • Staff will accompany EC members to significant governmental or international destinations where practicable to provide support to the EC, to record our commitments, and to provide for relationship continuity and the management of relationships.
  • EC spouse/significant other travel will be reviewed for necessity and must be approved by the EC.

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EC Speaking Invitation Decision Tree


Determining Who Will Attend




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