Section 6.18

Staff Compensation Committee Operating Procedure

1.0. Purpose and Scope

  • The Compensation Committee has oversight responsibility for staff salary and benefit policies and budgets.
  • The Compensation Committee is accountable to the Board of Directors

2.0. Compensation Committee Membership

  • The Vice President - Finance serves as chair.
  • The Compensation Committee consists of the President Elect, the Senior Vice President, one Regional VP, one Council VP, and one at-large member. The Executive Director serves as a non-voting member.
  • Except for the President Elect and the Senior Vice President, members are nominated by the Vice President - Finance and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • The Regional VP, the Council VP and the at-large member are appointed to a one-year term with a maximum of four consecutive one-year terms. There should be continuity of the committee members from year to year to provide consistency and efficiency of operations.
  • The staff liaison is the Director, Human Resources.

3.0. Operating Procedures

  • A quorum is at least three voting committee members.
  • The Committee meets once a year either in person or via teleconference and supplements communications with telephone calls and e-mail.

4.0. Committee and Staff Responsibilities

  • The Compensation Committee reviews the analyses conducted by staff for concurrence with the Society's strategic plan and oversees staff compensation and benefit policies and recommends salary budget guidelines to the Finance Committee.
  • Staff maintains and administers the staff compensation and benefits budget.   This responsibility includes:
    • Maintain job descriptions;
    • Provide annual external salary comparisons;
    • 4Maintain staff performance objectives in concurrence with Society's strategic plan;
    • Administer merit and salary increases;
    • Administer staff incentive plan;
    • Provide employee healthcare and insurance;
    • Administer pension and related plans;
    • Maintain other programs as appropriate.

5.0. Records Maintenance and Retention

  • Staff maintains records and supporting documentation as required by federal, state and other governmental agencies.

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