Section 5.2



The Board of Directors shall meet at least once each fiscal year. Additional meetings maybe conducted as provided by the Society Bylaws.


President: The President serves as Chair of the Board of Directors, and presides at all meetings of the Board. If he/she is unavailable to preside, the President-Elect presides. If the President-Elect is unavailable to preside, then the Senior Vice President presides.
The President approves the Board agendas. Minutes of meetings shall be approved by the President and distributed to the members of the Board of Directors within 30 days for final approval. Minutes not approved by the President within the allotted time shall be considered approved and forwarded to the members of the Board of Directors by the Executive Director.

Executive Director/Society Secretary: The Executive Director/Society Secretary shall:

  • Issue calls for meetings and Board of Directors reports.
  • Coordinate agendas.
  • Assemble and provide Board briefing books containing the agenda and Board/staff reports.
  • Keep a record of all motions passed at board meetings.
  • Prepare the minutes of all Board meetings.

Parliamentarian: The President appoints a Parliamentarian for each Board meeting. Depending upon the complexity of agenda items to be discussed at a meeting, the President may decide to hire a certified parliamentarian, or to appoint a member of the Board of Directors as Parliamentarian.


A call for agenda items is sent to all Board members by the Society Executive Director/Society Secretary two months prior to each Board meeting. The agenda is prepared by the Society Secretary and approved by the President. Agenda items may be added at the beginning of each Board of Directors meeting.


All motions to the Board of Directors must be submitted on the motion form by a member of the Board of Directors. Individual members will forward their submittal to the Executive Director for routing to the appropriate Board member or committee.


Every motion shall be submitted in writing on a motion form in order for the Society Secretary to record it in the minutes.


The submitter should describe the need, expected benefits, revenue generated, estimated short and long term costs and long range impact.


All motions approved by the Board will be maintained in a motion log by the Society Secretary for future reference and follow-up.

Approved By/Date: Board of Directors 02/11/12

Replaces Edition Dated: 12/15/96

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