Section 5.10


  1. Complete Motions, Recommendations and Proposals form.
  2. Send a copy of the form to the President and copy the Secretary/Executive Director. If the e-motion comes from the executive committee, a council or BoD standing committee, it does not require a second. All other e-motions require a second. If the e-motion meets these requirements, it is distributed to the body of voters for a ten-calendar-day review and comment period. BoD members may comment on the e-motion and should copy the BoD.
  3. Board members may vote during the review and comment period but no votes are final until that period ends.  In other words, votes cast during the review and comment period may be changed. If two Board members request the vote be tabled, the matter will be removed from email consideration and placed on the next Board meeting agenda.
  4. Once the ten-calendar-day review and comment period has concluded an e-motion voting period of ten calendar days shall commence.
  5. The Secretary will follow-up three days before the e-motion vote is due and remind those that haven’t voted to do so.  Extensions to the ballot return deadline are permitted only by the President or by the President-Elect if acting under Bylaws Article VIII, Sec. 8 (B).
  6. The Secretary will compile the votes and create a summary report showing the names of all voters and their vote. The summary report will be distributed to the Board of Directors.

Approved By/Date: Board of Directors 10/2014

Replaces Edition Dated: 02/22/14

Next Revision Due: 10/2017


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