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Society Bylaws (Article IV, Section 7) states that "Regions, areas, chapters, sections, and other units of the Society shall not issue resolutions or statements, and not legally bind or take official action on matters of national or international significance without approval of the Board of Directors."

Since the Society's image and influence are affected significantly by how it addresses itself to issues concerning the safety profession, representation of the Society and commitments on behalf of ASSE need to be carefully carried out.


The following Policy is a clarification of Bylaws Article IV, Section 7:
1. National Issues: Resolutions, statements or official actions on behalf of the Society shall be issued by the President with the concurrence of the Executive Committee and input from affected Council(s).

2. Practice Specialties and Common Interest Groups (CIGs): Resolutions, statements or official actions on behalf of the Practice Specialties and CIGs, and without national or international effects may be addressed by the Vice President of Practices and Standards with the concurrence of the Council on Practices and Standards.

3. Regional Issues: Matters which are regional in scope may be addressed by the Regional Vice President with the concurrence of the Regional Operating Committee. Government policy and affairs issues which are regional in scope may be addressed by the Regional Vice President with the concurrence of the Society Manager of Government Affairs and Policy and the Regional Operating Committee.

4. Local Issues: Local matters may be addressed by Chapter Presidents with the concurrence of the Chapter Executive Committees.

5. International Issues: International matters are the purview of the President and Board of Directors.

The President is the Spokesperson for the Society. If the President is not available or other circumstances arise to preclude his/her ability to make such a presentation, the President can designate a member of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, Committee Chair or other Professional Member in good standing to speak for the Society.

Where there is already existing policy in place, special circumstances exist (e.g.: shortened time frames, unavailability of key officers), and funding is not essential, staff is empowered to respond to vital national legislative, regulatory or other professional affairs related issues.

No member may speak officially on behalf of the Society without the approval of the governing body having jurisdiction.


The Board designates the Executive Director (and alternates as authorized by the Executive Director) as the only individuals with specific authority to enter into contracts on behalf of the Society. At the constituent (local) level, all contracts shall be approved as designated in the appropriate Bylaws.

Approved By/Date: Board of Directors 10/2014

Replaces Edition Dated: 02/11/12

Next Revision Due: 10/17


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