Section 1.9


Staff is responsible for the management, administration and execution of Society programs and policies and the management and operation of the headquarters office. Staff also provides guidance and continuity to Society volunteers and leaders.
As the chief executive employee of the Society and administrative officer of the Society, the Executive Director is responsible for the Society Headquarters and oversees management of all Society assets, programs and staff. Other major responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining a strategic planning process.
  • Serving as Corporate Secretary, member of the Executive Committee and Board of Directors without vote, Secretary to the House of Delegates, and Secretary and Executive Director to the ASSE Foundation.
  • Developing and coordinating orientation, training and motivation programs for the Board of Directors, other Society units and staff.
  • Serving as custodian of the official seal and maintaining the permanent files of the Society.
  • Developing and maintaining communication systems between units of the Society, staff, individual members, prospective members, other safety/health/environmental organizations, government agencies and the media.
  • Reporting to the President and carrying out duties delegated by the President, Executive Committee and Board of Directors.


ASSE is organized by department areas as needed. Each department head is responsible for their department’s strategic planning, annual budget and business plan, production of Board approved programs, and for supervision of departmental personnel.

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