Section 1.5


Councils become the Society’s functional organizational units operating under the Board of Directors and responsible for planning, organizing and managing Society resources, programs, services and activities. Councils are led by member-elected Vice Presidents, with either appointed or elected Council members. The appointed members for both the Council on Professional Affairs and the Council on Professional Development are drawn from persons with interest and background in the subject discipline as recommended by the Council Vice President and approved by the Board of Directors. The members for the Council on Member and Region Affairs and Council on Practices and Standards are elected by their respective Region and Practice Specialty constituencies
Councils work together and coordinate their efforts through the Congress of Councils. There are four Councils:

  • Council on Member and Region Affairs
  • Council on Practices and Standards
  • Council on Professional Affairs
  • Council on Professional Development

The primary objectives of the Councils are to manage the profession, meet member needs, implement change, eliminate duplication of Society efforts, and achieve desired outcomes.
The role and objectives of the Councils shall be carried out as follows:

  • Meet regularly (at least two times annually) to plan, organize and oversee the business of the Council.
  • Assess and interpret member and nonmember safety professional needs.
  • Research and propose programs and products to meet the needs of safety professionals.
  • Evaluate financial and human resources needed to carry out programs as well as propose sources of funding.
  • Develop annual and strategic plans and budgets in cooperation with staff.
  • Oversee development of programs and products and assign volunteer resources.
  • Evaluate effectiveness of programs in terms of member service value and financial return.
  • Monitor expenses of programs and the Council relative to budgets and work as partners with staff in controlling expenses and meeting revenue goals.
  • Appoint one member per Council to serve on the Nominations and Elections, and Finance Committees.

The Executive Director will assign staff liaisons. Staff liaison will have responsibility for coordinating Councils':

  • Strategic planning.
  • Development of business plans and budgets.
  • Development of agendas and support materials.
  • Exploration of new or expanded program proposals.
  • Development and evaluation of Board approved and funded programs and products
  • Marketing and sales of products and services.
  • Liaison with other Councils.
  • Development of reports for the Board.
  • Communications to the membership, the press and other associations.
  • Preparing minutes of Council meetings.

Councils may appoint committees and task forces to assist the Council in carrying out its purposes and responsibilities.
Society funding for Council, committee and task force travel and related expenses will be paid only as budgeted.

Each Council Vice President and the staff liaison are expected to prepare a written progress report for the Council 30 days prior to each regularly scheduled Board meeting and send it to the Society Secretary for inclusion in the Board book.

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