Section 1.2



The House of Delegates shall be responsible for the following functions according to the Bylaws Article VIII, Section 6:

  • Receive the annual report of the President and the annual financial report.
  • Ratify amendment of the Bylaws
  • Adopt or amend the Code of Professional Conduct
  • Approve the broad fiscal policy of the Society and transactions that involve purchase, sale or change in financial terms of Society-owned land and buildings
  • Approve the Society’s Strategic Plan
  • Represent Chapter, Practice Specialty and member viewpoints to the Society on issues relating to the safety profession.

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Receive progress reports from the Councils toward achievement of the Society’s strategic plan and professional enhancement and recognition.
  • Approve the operating procedures of the Nominations and Elections Committee.
  • Approve dues increases.


The Society President shall serve as the Chair and presiding officer of the House of Delegates.
The  Executive Director serves as the House of Delegates Secretary without vote.
Delegates shall be Chapter Delegates, Practice Specialty Administrators and members of the Board of Directors. Delegates must be a Professional Member or Member of the Society in good standing.
Chapters elect Delegates to the House of Delegates using the formula in Society Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 5A.

Elected chapter delegates serve for a one (1) year term which begins July 1. Delegates may serve more than one term. Terms of office for other delegates end when their term of office in the position they fill ends.

Approved By/Date: Board of Directors 6/11/11

Replaces Edition Dated: 4/21/97

Next Revision Due: 7/2014


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