Section 10.4

Technical & Professional Recognition Committee Operating Procedures

I. Purpose and Scope

A. The TPRC will make recommendations and report to the Council on Professional Affairs regarding the society awards program and ceremonies as assigned. The Committee may also recommend such changes and additions to the awards program it believes are in the best interest of the Society.

B. The scope of the TPRC is to oversee administration for the following awards on an annual basis: Honor of Fellow, Safety Professional of the Year, Outstanding Safety Educator and such additional awards, which may be added later. The Committee is responsible for the evaluation of all petitions for the Honor of Fellow and for recommending to the Board of Directors those Professional Members who qualify for that Honor. The Committee also directly evaluates all petitions of candidates for the Society Safety Professional of the Year and Outstanding Safety Educator of the year and makes the final selection.

II. Membership

A. The TPRC shall be composed of seven ASSE Professional Members and/or Professional Member Emeritus.

B. Not less than 3 of the Committee members shall have been awarded the honor of Society Fellow.

C. All appointments, including the Chairman to the TPRC, shall be made by the Vice President, Council on Professional Affairs. All appointments shall be for a staggered three-year term or for a period to fill-out a term of a member leaving the Committee without fulfilling appointed term. Each appointment shall not exceed two consecutive 3-year terms. A matrix of TPRC members and their expiration dates will be maintained by the staff liaison.

D. To be eligible for the position of Chairperson of the TPRC, the individual must have been a past recipient of the ASSE Fellow honor.

III. Meetings/Schedule of Events

A. The TPRC will conduct a committee meeting prior to the Winter Board of Directors meeting.

B.A Committee member with advance knowledge of his/her inability to attend the petition evaluation meeting will submit written evaluations of the petitions to the Chair in time for use at the meeting.

The Chair will use this input to cast the absent member's vote to determine the final outcome of petition evaluations.

IV. Organizational Relationships

A. The Director, Professional Affairs shall serve as staff liaison of the Committee. The staff liaison shall serve as Secretary of the Committee. The Director, Professional Affairs serves as a communication link between the Committee and the Council.

The Committee reports to the Board through the Vice President, Council on Professional Affairs.

B. The Chair of the Committee reports to the Vice President, Council on Professional Affairs (CoPA).

C. Either the Chair, an appointed representative from the Committee or the V.P. of CoPA will be present at the Society's Board of Directors meeting to make the recommendation(s) on nominees for Fellow. The report shall contain only information on candidates who are recommended to the Board to be made Fellows of the Society.

D. The Society President will notify successful Fellow candidates  of the Board’s actions as it relates to approving successful petitions. E. The Vice President, Council on Professional Affairs will notify the recipients of the SPY and OSEA or may delegate this responsibility to the Chair of the TPRC.

V. Responsibilities and Accountabilities

A. The Director of Professional Affairs will provide updates to the Board as to the committee’s activities at each Board meeting.   

B. The Committee will evaluate all petitions for the honor of Fellow and either recommend approval of the petition to the Board or respond to each petitioner regarding the Committee's evaluation of their petition and weaknesses noted by the committee.

C. The Committee will evaluate all petitions for Safety Professional of the Year and Outstanding Safety Educator and make a final selection.

VI. Operating Procedures

A. Every effort will be made to have all TPRC members participate at the petition evaluation meeting. A quorum shall be four voting members. Four affirmative votes are needed for recommendation of a nominee for Fellow. The Board of Directors votes on the approval of nominees for Fellow.

B. Evaluation of a petition for Fellow is considered to be a confidential discussion. Only TPRC members and the staff liaison(s) can be present during the evaluation/discussion of a specific petition.

C. The TPRC will establish the timetable for submission and approval of award applications.  Notification of due dates will be communicated to the Board of Directors. The Chair, upon direction from the Committee may suggest to the petition coordinators subject matter that would have additional substantiation for the petition to be reconsidered by the Committee.
D. A letter by the Chair of the TPRC will be mailed to the applicant for unsuccessful Safety Professional of the Year and Outstanding Safety Educator petitions immediately after the winter Board of Directors meeting. Notification for unsuccessful Fellow nominees will be sent to the Fellow nominee and their petition coordinator immediately following the winter Board of Director’s meeting.

E. The annual meeting minutes of the TPRC shall include a record, by nominee name of the approved petitions acted on by the Committee and the number of petitions considered. The actual vote totals on each Fellow petition shall not be in the minutes. The number of votes for approval of each petition will be announced to the Committee after the written, secret vote is taken. Should a tie vote result on any petition, the petition will be automatically reconsidered.

F. Fellow Honor, Safety Professional of the Year and Outstanding Safety Educator petitions on behalf of members of the TPRC will not be considered while they are on the TPRC. In addition a petition for Fellow, SPY or Outstanding Safety Educator cannot be developed, sponsored, or supported in writing by a TPRC member, Society Executive Committee member, Vice-President of the Council on Professional Affairs, or ASSE staff. Society Executive Committee members may not be nominated for any of these awards. Petitioners may only apply for one award category each Society year.

G. Within three weeks after each TPRC meeting, the staff liaison will prepare minutes in draft form and forward copies to the Committee Chair. The Chair will approve and direct staff to prepare in final form and distribute to the Committee. Corrected minutes will then be forwarded to the members.

H.  Any member of the Society Board of Directors who has had a Fellow petition submitted in his or her name during the year shall be asked to leave the Board meeting for the portion of the TPRC's discussions that involve Fellow petitions. If a Fellow nominee recommended for approval is presiding over the Board, he shall relinquish the chair during discussion of his petition, in addition to leaving the room for that portion of the TPRC report.

I. Since the discussion/vote on a candidate for the honor of Fellow is confidential, only Board members will be present during this discussion/vote. The discussion shall not be recorded.

VII. Budget Procedures

The TPRC shall work with the staff liaison in developing a budget for the Committee and award program functions. This budget shall be submitted to the Vice President, Council on Professional Affairs.

VIII. Establishment of New Programs

A. The TPRC may receive proposals for new award programs from the Board of Directors and the four Society councils, Practice Specialties, Regions, Areas, Chapters, Sections and individual members.

B. The TPRC may delegate evaluation of new award proposals to its subcommittee for evaluation and recommendation. Its subcommittee must follow the procedures established in the Development of an Awards Program section of these operating procedures for evaluation.

C. New Award proposals must include information as defined in Development of an Awards Program.

D. Committee members may assist in the development of award program proposals.

E. When the proposal is completed or a recommendation is made by the awards subcommittee to the TPRC, the TPRC will review the information, make changes if necessary, and take a final vote. A majority of votes are needed for approval.

F. Once a program has been approved by the TPRC, it is sent to the Vice President, Council on Professional Affairs for review and presentation to the Council. If the Council on Professional Affairs approves the program, it can be presented to the Board of Directors in accordance with existing Society procedures. When the Board approves the program, it designates the unit, which will administer it.

IX. Development of A New Awards Program

A. The Board, all Society units, and individuals may desire to propose and implement specific awards. A detailed written proposal of the program should be submitted to the TPRC.

B. The TPRC shall recommend to the BoD via the Council on Professional Affairs new award programs, which it considers appropriate for the Society to implement. If the Council concurs the proposal for the award will be presented to the BoD for approval as noted in Section [VI F].  To complete this task the committee will need the following information:

1. Purpose for the Award:
National Scope of the award.

2. Type of Award:
Include sponsorship, method of presentation, cash prize or plaques, etc.

3. Eligibility Criteria:
Specifics of who will be eligible and on what basis.

4. General Rules:
Specific guidelines for petitioners to use for entry into the program, including application forms, entry deadline, and nomination procedures.

5. Judging Criteria:
Criteria on which candidates will be judged.

6. Method of Judging:
The method of judging and the judging body will be specified in the proposal.

7. PR/Promotion:
Methods of public relations, publication, sponsorship, etc.

8. Announcements and Presentation:
Method of announcing the award recipient and type of award presentation.

9. Method of Review:
Procedures to review all aspects of the program to insure its ongoing effective administration.

X. Records

•  A copy of all Fellow petitions, winning SPY and Safety Educator petitions shall be retained for 2 years in the Society office.

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