Section 1.1



A. Regions

Members are divided among eight geographical subdivisions designated from Region I to Region VIII. The Regions’ primary purpose is to assist the Society in administering programs, communicating between the Board and Regions and conducting other activities which will further the Society’s objectives.

B. Areas

Areas may be formed within a Region when approved by the Regional Operating Committee (ROC). Areas are groups of Chapters within a Region as defined by the boundaries of the Chapters. Areas assist Regions in the administration of local Chapters and organize Chapters for like purposes such as state activities. The ROC approves Chapters and recommends approval by the Council on Region Affairs.

C. Chapters

Chapters are geographically defined areas within a designated Region. Chapters must be approved by the Council on Region Affairs and chartered by the Board of Directors. Their purpose is to conduct programs which will carry out the objectives of the Society on a local level.

D. Sections

Regular Section

A group of members whose geographical location makes it inconvenient to participate in Chapter affairs may be organized separately from the main Chapter as a Section. A Section requires Chapter and Regional Operating Committee approval. International Sections are not assigned to a Chapter and are directly supervised by the Vice President, Council on Region Affairs. Sections within a chapter may be formed based on common interests.

Student Section

A group of Student Members may be organized separately from the main Chapter to allow emphasis on activities pertinent to students. Formation approval is required by the sponsoring Chapter and the Regional Operating Committee.

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