Scope and Function

D. Measure, audit and evaluate the effectiveness of hazard controls and hazard control programs.

This function involves:

  1. 1. Establishing and implementing techniques, which involve risk analysis, cost, cost-benefit analysis, work sampling, loss rate and similar methodologies, for periodic and systematic evaluation of hazard control and hazard control program effectiveness.

  2. Developing methods to evaluate the costs and effectiveness of hazard controls and programs and measure the contribution of components of systems, organizations, processes and operations toward the overall effectiveness.

  3. Providing results of evaluation assessments, including recommended adjustments and changes to hazard controls or hazard control programs, to individuals or organizations responsible for their management and implementation.

  4. Directing, developing, or helping to develop management accountability and audit programs which assess safety performance of entire systems, organizations, processes and operations or their components and involve both deterrents and incentives.

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