Scope and Function

C. Implement, administer and advise others on hazard controls and hazard control programs.

This function involves:

  1. Preparing reports which communicate valid and comprehensive for hazard controls which are based on analysis and interpretation of accident exposure, loss event and other data.

  2. Using written and graphic materials, presentations and other communication media to recommend hazard controls and hazard control policies, procedures and programs to decision making personnel.

  3. Directing or assisting in planning and developing educational and training materials or courses. Conducting or assisting with courses related to designs, policies, procedures and programs involving hazard recognition and control.

  4. Advising others about hazards, hazard controls, relative risk and related safety matters when they are communicating with the media, community and public.

  5. Managing and implementing hazard controls and hazard control programs which are within the duties of the individual's professional safety position.

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