Scope and Function

B. Develop hazard control methods, procedures and programs.

This function involves:

  1. Formulating and prescribing engineering or administrative controls, preferably before exposures, accidents, and loss events occur, to :

    • eliminate hazards and causes of exposures, accidents and loss events.

    • reduce the probability or severity of injuries, illnesses, losses or environmental damage from potential exposures, accidents, and loss events when hazards cannot be eliminated.

  2. Developing methods which integrate safety performance into the goals, operations and productivity of organizations and their management and into systems, processes, operations or their components.

  3. Developing safety, health and environmental policies, procedures, codes and standards for integration into operational policies of organizations, unit operations, purchasing and contracting.

  4. Consulting with and advising individual and participating on teams

    • engaged in planning, design, development and installation or implementation of systems or programs involving hazard controls.

    • engaged in planning, design, development, fabrication, testing, packaging and distribution of products or services regarding safety requirements and application of safety principles which will maximize product safety.

  5. Advising and assisting human resources specialists when applying hazard analysis results or dealing with the capabilities and limitations of personnel.

  6. Staying current with technological developments, laws, regulations, standards, codes, products, methods and practices related to hazard controls.

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