2008 Society Election Slate of Candidates

The Nominations & Elections Committee is pleased to announce the Slate of Candidates for the 2008 Society election. Petition candidates have until December 1st to file completed petitions for inclusion on the March 1 ballot.

Those wishing to petition for a position on the ballot should notify the Nominations & Elections Committee Chair by sending an email to ASSE’s Nominations & Elections Committee Staff Liaison, Terry Wilkinson (twilkinson@asse.org). The email should specify the office for which they are petitioning. The petition process is outlined in the ASSE Bylaws and Society Operations Guide:

Article VII

Sec. 4: (PETITION INFORMATION) Society members may submit nominations for Society offices by petition, the form and procedures for which shall be determined by the Nominations and Elections Committee Procedures.

As outlined in Bylaws Article VII, Section 4, and Section 6.31, Article IX of the Society Operations Guide, Petition candidates must meet all qualifications for the office they seek, plus provide a petition with a specific number of signatures as follows:

(A) For Senior Vice President, Vice President - Finance and Council Vice Presidents, signatures of two percent of the Society's membership as of July 1 of the current Society fiscal year comprised of signatures from at least five Regions with no more than 15% of the total required from any one Region and no more than 25% of the Region's allowable total from one Chapter. (The specific number of signatures required for an individual petitioning to run for these offices in the 2008 election is 630 signatures with no more than 94 from any one Region, and no more than 23 from any one Chapter).

(B) For Regional Vice President, five percent of resident members of the Region, with no more than 15 percent from any one Chapter.

(C) For Area Director, five percent of signatures of resident members of the Area.

(D) Names of nominees submitted in accordance with this section and meeting the requirements of these Bylaws shall be included on the official ballot. Petitions will be validated by the Nominations and Elections Committee Chair and the Society Secretary. All nominees must be Professional Members.

ASSE 2008 National Elections

Signature Requirements for Petition Candidates

For individuals petitioning to run for the offices of Senior Vice President, Vice President of Finance, and Vice President of Practices & Standards, the following numbers of signatures are required.

630 signatures with no more than 94 from any one Region,
and no more than 23 from any one Chapter.

For Regional Vice Presidents and Area Directors, the number of signatures required varies by Region as follows:

Region/Area Total # Required Max. Per Chapter
Region II Vice President 124 19
Area A - Area Director 64 N/A
Region IV Vice President 175 26
Mississippi/Alabama Area Director 23 N/A
North Florida/Georgia Area Director 62 N/A
Region VI Vice President 132 20
Region VIII Vice President 264 40
Empire State Area Director 22 N/A
New England Area Director 68 N/A
NOTE: Only even-numbered Regions hold elections in 2008. Odd-numbered Regions will hold elections in 2009.


ASSE Candidate Slate

The succession of candidates from Senior Vice President to President-Elect to President is automatic. Therefore, Mr. Brown and Mr. Patton will not appear on the actual ballot.

President: Warren K. Brown, CSP, ARM, CSHM

President-Elect: C. Christopher Patton, CSP

Senior Vice President:

  • Darryl C. Hill, CSP
  • Terrie S. Norris, CSP, ARM, CSPI

Vice President - Finance:

  • Frederick A. Miller, CSP
  • James D. Smith, M.S., CSP

Vice President - Practices & Standards:

  • Jeffery C. Camplin, CSP, CPEA
  • George W. Pearson, CSP, ARM

Regional Vice Presidents & Area Directors:

Region II

Regional Vice President: James G. Gallup, P.E., CSP (unopposed)

Area Director: Harold L. Gribow, MS, CSP, ARM, ALCM (unopposed)

Region IV

Regional Vice President:

  • Michael Belcher, CSP
  • Frank L. Lakotich, CSP

Mississippi/Alabama Area Director: R. Steven Willis, CSP (unopposed)

North Florida/Georgia Area Director: Pamela B. Perrich, CSP (unopposed)

Region VI

Regional Vice President: James H. Morriss, III (unopposed)

Region VIII

Regional Vice President:

  • Robert E. McClay, CSP
  • Eric M. Stager, CSP, OHST

Empire State Area Director: Arthur J. Dube (unopposed)

New England Area Director: No Candidate